Fun & Functional Organization for Your Child’s Closet

The anticipated arrival of a baby brings with it a period of 'nesting behaviours' for many parents who are rushing about, baby-proofing, cleaning and organizing their homes before baby's arrival.

September 5, 2017


How to Choose the Right Stain for Your Hardwood Floors 

Many of the decorating decisions we make are fun and creative, but when it comes to deciding on something big — like the right stain for your hardwood floors — it's often more stressful than fun.

Guidelines for Buying Replacement Doors

Although many homeowners probably don’t give much thought to the type of doors they have in their homes, doors are extremely important.

March 7, 2017


Rethinking the Fireplace Mantel Design

Nothing is more inviting than a comfortable chair or couch with a fire burning at the side to keep the toes warm. Rethinking the fireplace mantel can once again keep the home warm, interesting and inviting.

August 19, 2016


How to Use These Moulding Tips to Modernize Your Home

Moulding can serve as a dynamic decorating tool capable of transforming a simple box-shaped room into a showcase. Here are a few moulding tips to modernize your home:

July 1, 2016


3 Hot Trends in Staircase Design

Few components of a home have the architectural impact as the staircase. Given its substantial size and prominent position in the space, the staircase often sets the design tone for the home's interior.

June 3, 2016


Where to Add Mouldings to Enhance the Design of a Home

It is common for homebuyers and homeowners to boast about their beautiful hardwood floors, high ceilings, and well-designed staircases. However, many homes just do not look complete without mouldings.

March 13, 2016


Fireplace Mantels – With or Without the Fire!

Most people looking to update or add to their home rarely think of the fireplace as a great place to start. Fireplace mantels are a creative way to add charm and character to your home.

February 9, 2016


How Custom Mouldings Can Transform Your Home

When finishing any room or space, it's always important to put a unique stamp on it. This will contribute to your own satisfaction, and also the satisfaction and enjoyment of others that will be occupying that space

November 2, 2015