Are We a Moulding Store or a Finishing Store?

Why a “Moulding Store” is Your Best Source for Flooring

A lot of people think of The Finishing Store as a terrific source for mouldings and trim of all kinds, with the ability to mill custom shapes as well. All true. But what many people don’t realize is that half the time, we’re also a flooring store: 50% of what we sell is flooring and flooring-related.

When we started to carry flooring in the 1980s, it was all solid-wood product and a natural fit given our years of experience with solid-wood millwork. In recent years, we have also added engineered wood flooring products – and vinyl, and tile, too.


We Torture Floors

It’s true. With solid wood flooring, it’s not hard to see the quality of the timber, and grading is standardized. With manufactured flooring, you can’t really see inside to judge the quality of materials, structural soundness, or the durability of adhesives and finishes. That’s why, when we consider carrying a new product line, it gets a “torture test”: it’s boiled for a couple of hours, and then we let it dry. Well-engineered flooring survives this process surprisingly well. Poorly made product doesn’t – at all. We also make sure that all products we carry meet a VOC standard, an increasingly important consideration for all wood finishes and adhesives.


We Keep Up

We operate our retail stores and, with designers and builders on both the millwork and flooring sides of our business. That’s why we have a very good idea of what customers are looking for today. As new colours, finishes and styles become popular, we have grown our product lines. These days, we are seeing a return to natural wood finishes and lighter colours. This is good news for builders and contractors, because unstained or lightly stained wood is easier to colour match on site, especially for custom millwork pieces. Also, homeowners seem to appreciate that lighter colours don’t show wear and tear as readily as darker stained finishes.


We Know Price Is Not the Same As Value

We feel that every customer deserves to find a quality product at a price point they can afford – and our selection of solid wood, laminate, vinyl and tile flooring makes sure they can. We carry good-better-best options in all our flooring lines, and builders and designers appreciate that they can offer clients a range of product – all from the same supplier.


We Can Make That For You

Our fully equipped millwork shop is, in fact, also a fully equipped custom flooring shop: if you want something that may or may not be in anyone’s catalogue, and it’s made of wood, we can produce it. Customers don’t like to settle, they like to dream. We can make sure their dreams come true.


We Hate Callbacks, Too

We’re very careful about the quality of all the products we carry and make, because we know the quickest way to hurt our bottom line is to hurt your bottom line. If you have to go back and fix things that should never have gone wrong, you won’t come back to see us.
And, we know you aren’t making money while you’re talking to us, so as much as we love seeing all our customers, we do everything we can to prevent problems that will take time to fix.


Which Comes First – Moulding or Flooring?

Neither: You do. We’ve been helping builders, designers and homeowners finish and refinish their homes for over 60 years. Our staff has the experience to give you the right answer the first time, and we have the range of products to make sure you get what you want, when you need it. We don’t care if you think of as us a moulding place first or a flooring place first, just as long as you think of us first!