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Metal stair spindles

There are many patterns of metal spindles to choose from, including decorative and plain designs. You can also create your own design by mixing several styles together and repeating the pattern.

Typically, metal spindles are placed into a wooden framework anchored by newel posts, which are spaced appropriately to give enough strength to support the handrail. In our stores, we sell round and square-shaped metal spindles, which come in either 1/2” or 5/8” in diameter. We can also supply custom metal spindles that are larger in size.

Wood stair spindles

Wood stair railings are one of our most popular products, available in paint and stain grade material in several patterns.

There are two standard methods of applying handrails to the newel posts. The first is a continuous rail, where the rail is installed over top of the newel post, creating a continuous piece from top to bottom. The second is a post-to-post connection, which entails cutting the handrail and installing it between the newel posts.

 Wooden stair spindles are either square or round, spaced approximately 4” apart, and attached to the floor or base rail and the underside of the handrail. The square, paint-grade design is the most popular wooden spindle.

Wooden treads

To complete your stair installation, use wooden stair treads, available in different sizes (thickness, depth and width) and wood species. They can also be made with either a rounded bullnose or a square nose on the leading edge.


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