George and Suzette Linger and their family have been in the building supply industry since 1965. After selling their business in Alberta, they moved to Vancouver Island in the mid 1990’s. They purchased The Finishing Store in Victoria in 1996 and in Nanaimo in 1999. They felt it was a retail store that offered a unique product assortment, and a business with good opportunity for growth and expansion.

Over the years they have worked hard to develop relationships with suppliers and to offer products to their customers that have excellent quality and value. Although their first preference is to promote Island- and Canadian-made products, they also offer imports from Europe, US, Chile and Asia to give customers excellent products at a fair value.

Interior and exterior products have become a fashion business as Architects and Designers aim to give their customers the look that best suits their life style. The Finishing Store & Millworks sees it as their job to bring in products to meet those demands and make sure the products provide good value to their customers.

George and Suzette Linger in front of their family home

Competitive Prices, World-class Selection

In 2000, The Finishing Store joined a buying group to make sure they could purchase products based on volume of all their members. Today, they are a member of Timber Mart, which has 540 retail and commercial outlets across Canada and gives them strength in the marketplace. Even though The Finishing Store & Millworks is known as a specialty outlet, they can compete with the Big Box stores.

As our world becomes more globalized and customers are able to shop on any continent, the Finishing Store knows it is important to continue to bring products to customers that are functional, durable and competitively priced.

It is their goal to have customers become as knowledgeable as possible about the products and services they use so they can “Start Right, and Finish Better!”

We are proud to be a member of Timber Mart.