Adding the Final Touches to Your Custom Home

Sometimes the finishing touches added to the home are the ones that make the most impact, both to those living inside and those who visit and appreciate the beautiful flooring, mouldings, doors, and stairs.

3 Hot Trends in Staircase Design

Few components of a home have the architectural impact as the staircase. Given its substantial size and prominent position in the space, the staircase often sets the design tone for the home's interior.

June 3, 2016


10 Ways to Make Your Staircase a Showstopper

A staircase can be so much more than a way to get from A to B. Whether you need additional storage or want to open (or divide) a space with a gorgeous structural element,

February 14, 2019


Stairs 101: The Anatomy of a Staircase

Often overlooked due to its functionality, staircases offer tons of opportunity for customization and design. From pin-top newels to the stringer fascia, there’s a lot more to stairs than simply steps, and posts.

September 17, 2019