Adding the Final Touches to Your Custom Home

Sometimes the finishing touches added to the home are the ones that make the most impact, both to those living inside and those who visit and appreciate the beautiful flooring, mouldings, doors, and stairs. The finishing process can include those last additions to a custom built home which provide just the right appeal desired by the owner, or they might be part of a renovation project intended to upgrade the home and give it a special new look that may have been lacking in the original.

Endless possibilities

One of the great things about a home renovation project involving the finishing areas is that the possibilities are literally endless, and depend much more on the existing decor and the homeowner’s taste than anything else. Whether you’re working with Alair Homes on a custom home or installing new flooring with The Finishing Store, we can help you determine exactly what might work best in your home for those finishing touches, and once you’ve made a decision, our specialists will be happy to assist with the installation or to simply provide advice that will help you do all the work.

Flooring, mouldings, mantels, stairs

One of the first things anyone notices in a home is its type of flooring. Everyone admires the natural beauty of hardwood floors, but engineered or laminated flooring might be a very practical choice for homes located in areas of wide humidity fluctuation, because they bear the moisture changes well. Cork flooring has become very popular in recent  years due to its simplicity and friendliness to the environment, while leather flooring has a warm, rich appeal and the added benefit of being constructed of recycled leather that conserves resources.

Mouldings provide an opportunity for you to unleash your creativity in the home, by installing some decorative or ornamental style mouldings and trim that are not only functional but can have great visual appeal. Where surfaces intersect around your home or gaps need to be covered, there exists a great opportunity to install striking wood mouldings that can be cut to literally any shape your mind can conceive.

Mantels can truly light up a room as they surround a fireplace in the living room, and with some decorative pieces added on top, can easily become the center of attention. Perhaps the deep color of cherry wood, the solid stability of oak, or a fine maple mantel constructed to your precise specifications could be the ideal way to add just the right decorative touch and contrast elegantly with the earthy appeal of the fireplace itself.

Stairs are certainly functional in the home – but why can’t they also be decorative attention-getters? With the aesthetic placement of risers, spindles, stairway railings, treads, and posts, stairs can go far beyond functional into the realm of alluring. Traditional wooden stairs can be the perfect finish for a given home, but stylish curved metal stairs might work very well in some others.

Even more 

There are of course other finishing touches which can bring out a home’s true appeal – things such as doors and closets, and even window frames. While the finishing touches around the home might not be the first thing that a homeowner thinks about, the creative selection and installation of those finishing choices might make the most lasting impression on anyone who sees the home.

If you’re not the kind of person who has that soaring imagination that can envision all the possibilities, that’s fine too. If you’re planning on starting a home renovation or even building a custom home, consider custom home builders Alair Homes Nanaimo. Alair Homes Nanaimo uses specialists such as The Finishing Store for their projects, and can provide you with ideas and resources that can truly unleash your inner artist, and help translate that into practical and appealing touches all around your home.

Author: This is a guest post written by Stu Hopewell, Regional Manager of Alair Homes Nanaimo. Alair Homes Nanaimo was founded in 2007 and our mission is to create beautiful homes and business designs on Vancouver Island that are on time, on budget and superior in every way.