10 Ways to Make Your Staircase a Showstopper

A staircase can be so much more than a way to get from A to B. Whether you need additional storage or want to open (or divide) a space with a gorgeous structural element, a thoughtfully-designed staircase can easily become the star of your home. Here are some ideas to elevate your stairs to the next design level:

1. Glass

Go modern with a glass element barrier wall that creates free-flowing visual appeal. It’s a great way to open up a narrow corridor or create a contemporary feel in a large, open space.

Modern stairs with glass element barrier wall

2. Storage

If you live in a small space, you know that creative storage is the name of the game to avoid clutter and maintain organization. Staircases provide an abundance of space, whether you utilize the gaps between risers or the entire space underneath the structure. Display the contents of your library with a little reading nook, or create tuck-away storage for linens, coats, and shoes. The possibilities are endless and can be customized to your space and your storage requirements.

Create storage under your stairs

3. Detail

Pay attention to details that will define your staircase as more than a corridor of traffic but as an integral part of your home’s look and feel. In a beachfront cottage opt for a nautical tie-down balustrade or a ship-inspired wire barrier. If you have a French-inspired or country cottage style, decorative moulding and traditional balustrades will result in a staircase that perfectly suits the era of your home.


Stairs are given a modern twist on the traditional look

4. Classic Metals

Although stainless steel and chrome may be the element of modernism, classic metals like wrought iron paired with dark wooden treads creates a look of industrial, modern elegance that pairs well with most colour schemes.

Stairs with custom wrought iron

5. Eco-Friendly

If you can make responsible purchasing decisions that benefit the earth as well as the healthy atmosphere of your home, why wouldn’t you? Sustainably-sourced building materials like bamboo and reclaimed wood will add a unique look to your home and are made of materials that you can feel good about. You can also opt for a chemical-free project by using raw wood or 0% VOC and solvent-free stains, finishes and varnishes.

Bamboo minimalist stairway

6. Minimalist

Less is more when it comes to creating a serene, oasis-like living space. Less stuff means more useable space and easier cleaning. Take this approach to the staircase, where a minimalist style using simple, sleek wood or metal will result in both functional and beautiful stairs.

Stairs with a modern, minimalist style pair well with this urban loft

7. Dramatic

If you’ve got a penchant for drama, have a spiral staircase take center stage with dramatic flair. Not only is the architectural line eye-catching, but you can play with colour and structural elements to create a perfect marriage of function and art. And because it requires less space than traditional stairs, a spiral staircase may be the best option for a smaller space.

Need stairs for a small room? Consider a modern spiral staircase.

8. Contrasting Elements

Create eye-catching design by pairing contrasting elements together. With a staircase, design choices can be just as powerful as painting with contrasting colours. For example, allow a contemporary staircase to flow seamlessly from a traditional hardwood floor, like the one pictured below. This staircase combines a stainless-steel handrail and glass barrier wall with wire-brushed oak treads to perfectly match this home’s beautiful oak floors.

Dark stairs create an eye-catching contrast with lighter walls

9. Fusion

You no longer need to pick a theme and stick to it. If you love multiple design elements, introduce them to a space in a way that allows them to complement one another, rather than competing. For example, this fusion staircase which combines the home’s natural elements with a modern contrast of stainless steel, resulting in a west coast contemporary look.

Stairs that reflect a fusion between rustic and modern industrial

10. Bespoke

With bespoke, it’s all about you. No rules apply. If you have the means to opt for a custom build, a bespoke staircase can be an amazing way to bring your personal vision to life. Express yourself to the fullest with a staircase that is the embodiment of your personality and eclectic style, like this bespoke curved rail staircase that was crafted to reflect the unique flow and ambiance of their artistic-contemporary home.

Bespoke stairs that reflect your eclectic style

For more information on staircase design, please contact us. The Finishing Store & Millworks has a wide array of staircase elements and our design professionals can help guide you through an exquisite selection to find what suits your budget and vision. Visit us today to get started!