7 Surprising Reasons to Choose Cork Flooring

If you’re renovating or updating the flooring in high-traffic areas of your home, experts agree cork should be top of your list. Cork? As in the thing you pull out of a wine bottle?

December 11, 2018


7 Trendy Floor Ideas to Beautify Every Room in Your House

One of the biggest design statements in any room is the floor. That's a lot of pressure!

November 8, 2018

Flooring, Home Renovation

Organizing Your Reach-In Closet Like a Pro 

Not all homes come with a luxurious walk-in closet. Some bedrooms, especially those in older homes, will simply have a reach-in closet to use.

October 30, 2017

Closets, Home Renovation

8 Home Updates That Increase Your Home’s Value

How do you know which home updates are solid investments that will deliver the kind of return you may be looking for?

Fun & Functional Organization for Your Child’s Closet

The anticipated arrival of a baby brings with it a period of 'nesting behaviours' for many parents who are rushing about, baby-proofing, cleaning and organizing their homes before baby's arrival.

September 5, 2017


How to Choose the Right Stain for Your Hardwood Floors 

Many of the decorating decisions we make are fun and creative, but when it comes to deciding on something big — like the right stain for your hardwood floors — it's often more stressful than fun.

Guidelines for Buying Replacement Doors

Although many homeowners probably don’t give much thought to the type of doors they have in their homes, doors are extremely important.

March 7, 2017


Rethinking the Fireplace Mantel Design

Nothing is more inviting than a comfortable chair or couch with a fire burning at the side to keep the toes warm. Rethinking the fireplace mantel can once again keep the home warm, interesting and inviting.

August 19, 2016


How to Use These Moulding Tips to Modernize Your Home

Moulding can serve as a dynamic decorating tool capable of transforming a simple box-shaped room into a showcase. Here are a few moulding tips to modernize your home:

July 1, 2016