PRESS RELEASE: Victoria Location Closing

After 37 years of operation at 780 Topaz Ave in Victoria, The Finishing Store will be
closing THIS LOCATION on October 29, 2022. U-Haul, our landlord, requires the space
due to an increase in their business and therefore are not willing to renew our lease,
going forward. Our search for an alternate location to accommodate our needs for
parking and inventory management have not been successful. We have enjoyed
servicing the Victoria market in this location since the mid 1980’s. We would like to
thank all our customers for their support over the years.

We are NOT closing our business. We are transferring our Contract Division to our other
location, FS Millworks at 486 Cecelia Rd, in Victoria, where we have been manufacturing
locally since 1987. In addition to the Cecelia location, we also will continue operating
our location at 4128 Mostar Road in Nanaimo. From either of those locations, we can
provide service to our customers on the Island and the Mainland.

We have been very fortunate as owners to have had very dependable and dedicated
staff over the years. We both appreciate and value the years spent with all who have
come to work with us. Our people have been a great part of our success. Some of our
staff are moving to our Contract Division while a few are moving on to other endeavors.
To those leaving us we both wish them the best in their future jobs.

As we transition to a contractor base business we ask for your patience and
understanding. Over the next two months we will be selling off inventory at our Topaz
Ave location. Watch for our current promotions in the Wednesday Times Colonist as
well as social media. We hope you will take the opportunity to come in and see us and
stock up on any products that you may need.

Thank you
George and Suzette Linger