Organizing Your Reach-In Closet Like a Pro 

Not all homes come with a luxurious walk-in closet. Some bedrooms, especially those in older homes, will simply have a reach-in closet to use. Even so, you can maximize your closet storage space and efficiency by adding the proper closet organization system. 

#1 First Things First 

You need to analyze what you currently keep in your closet and how you use your items. For example, if you don’t own long items of clothing—other than a robe or two that you can hang on a hook behind the door—then you do not need to allocate space for such items in your closet. If you do own long articles of clothing, allocate the minimum amount of space you will need to hang those clothes, so you don’t take up more space than necessary.  

  • Place infrequently used items, such as formal wear or seasonal coats, in labelled zip-up garment bags to keep them more compact and dust free. 
  • Determine most frequently worn clothing, accessories and footwear and plan on keeping them within easiest access. 
  • Weed out and donate items that you no longer wear. This will automatically free up more space in your new closet system. 
  • Take length, depth and height measurements of the closet space you have to work with. This will be used when determining new double-rod height and extra shelving. 

#2 Double Up 

Install one or two sets of double rods to hold your shorter items such as blazers, slacks, shirts, skirts, and blouses. Make sure to mount the upper clothing rods properly, so they’re high enough that the items on top hang freely and don’t drape over to interfere with the lower clothing while still being within reach. Also, clothing on the bottom rods should not drag on the floor if possible. Double hanging rods give you twice the space in your closet and are a necessity for anyone with a large wardrobe.  

An example of a double rod closet organization system.

#3 Go Vertical 

If you’re using one set of double rods, then install a vertical set of cabinets, shelves, and drawers on one side of your closet. If your closet is a shared space, and you’re using two sets of double rods, install the tower of storage between them to divide the closet into two equal sections. You should opt for adjustable shelving when possible for the most control over the area. You will want to use the open shelving for items that you can fold such as winter sweaters, T-shirts, and jeans. The closed cabinets are perfect for gym outfits and purses. You can keep hosiery, socks, sleeping apparel, or even jewelry in the drawers. If you have room left, consider also installing a chrome wire basket that slides out for laundry or for storing scarves and gloves. 

What many older closets lack in horizontal space, they offer in vertical space which can be utilized with a double rod system.

#4 Top Shelf Ideas 

If your space allows, install two or three open shelves above your clothing rods to hold shoes, hats, and miscellaneous items. Organize them based on usage. For items that you wear often, you will want to keep those on the lowest shelf, so they’re easier to grab when you need them. For items that you sometimes use, place those on the middle shelf. For things that you rarely wear but still want to keep, store those items on the top shelf. If this is still not enough storage, consider running your shelving around to your side walls. Even a few extra inches of space on both sides can help a lot, especially if you do this with more than one shelf. 

#5 Get Hooked 

Never waste the space on the side walls in your closet. Install hooks or a special rack to hold belts, ties, and scarves. These items will no longer get tangled up, lost, or damaged since they will hang in an area specifically designed to keep them organized. Hooks can also hold one or more items of clothing that you intend to wear the next day. Planning your wardrobe the night before will make your morning routine go faster and smoother. 

This slide-out belt rack from Premier Closets, and available at The Finishing Store, keeps belts within reach without taking up precious closet space.

#6 Keep it Functional 

Even the biggest walk-in closets can become chaotic without seasonal maintenance. To keep your new reach-in closet organization system functional and efficient, reduce clutter by weeding out unused items and rotating your closet articles seasonally, ensuring your most used clothing, accessories and footwear are always the most accessible items in your closet.

This closet organization system by Rubbermaid and available through The Finishing Store, allows for easy adjustments and additions.

Closet organization is essential if you want to make the most of the space you have—and make your morning routine more pleasant and efficient. Closet organizers come in various styles and finishes, so there’s a perfect solution for every closet space challenge and budget. For more information on closet organizers and the best way to keep your closets neat and functional, visit The Finishing Store in Victoria or Nanaimo. We’ll walk you through your many options and help you select the right closet solutions for your space and budget.