Fireplace Mantels – With or Without the Fire!

Most people looking to update or add to their home rarely think of the fireplace as a great place to start. Fireplace mantels are a creative way to add charm and character to your home even if you do not have a fireplace. Mantels can turn an empty wall or an unusable fireplace into a great new focal point!

Adding a mantel over an existing fireplace is a great way to make the fireplace stand out, give it character, and give you extra display space for artwork, photographs, lamps, trinkets, or collectables. The right mantel helps bring attention to a fireplace, fits in with the rest of the house, and gives the room a cozier feel.

For those who do not have a fireplace, or perhaps have one that is not operable, a mantel can be a great option to add a classy, unique bit of charm to a room. Beneath the mantel you can place candles tiered at different levels as a substitute for a fireplace. You can also hang artwork, place a vase of flowers, install a blanket rack, or display a treasured piece. Investing in a mantel offers addition display space and a decorative finish to a room.

With a variety of woods, finishes, and designs, The Finishing Store is sure to have a style of mantel that will suit any fireplace or wall. Contact us today, or visit the store in Nanaimo or Victoria, to learn more about the ability to create a custom fireplace mantel or keep it simple with a style that is already available. The Finishing Store will help you turn your existing fireplace or empty wall into an amazing focal point for any room.