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Top Home Renovation Ideas 

Top Home Renovation Ideas 

Spring is just around the corner and many homeowners will be looking at their spring spruce-up with an eye to home renovation. While home renovation is most often done upon moving into a house, there is good reason to consider mini-renovations as your needs and style change, or as various parts of your home show age and wear. What are some of the best home renovations to consider?

Aging in Place

There was a time when people moved from house to house as their needs changed, but the housing market has since forced many homeowners to view their current homes differently. It makes far more sense to remodel a current home (as long as it’s structurally sound) than to buy a different one. One big trend in home renovation is for aging home-owners, or home-owners with aging parents living with them, to take a hard look at their home’s accessibility issues.

In some cases, adding railings, widening doorways, and replacing stairs with ramps may be needed. However, many times, all that is required are simple tweaks like removing tripping hazards such as transition mouldings between flooring and carpet or tile and wood floors.

Improving visibility is also important when an aging parent is living with you. Opening up the main living area by removing or installing pass-throughs in non-load bearing walls will open up those compartmented spaces. This allows the caretaker to keep tabs on the parent while working in another room, and creates a more spacious look and feel to the home.

Home Renovation Ideas for Aging at Home

New Arrivals

The most common renovations new parents make in preparation of their first child include swapping out old carpets for vinyl, laminate, cork or hardwood flooring and adding decorative features to the nursery.

Carpets can trap a lot of dust, pollen, dirt and pet dander, and being as a new baby will spend a lot of time playing and crawling on floors, it makes sense for parents to swap carpets out for smooth surface flooring which will be easier to keep clean.

Cork flooring is an excellent choice because of its slight softness, durability, and acoustic-insulating properties. It maintains a nice temperature; not too hot or too cold to the touch, and TORLYS Cork flooring is even hypoallergenic.

While hardwood flooring will always be a favorite that can be refinished to last a lifetime, other flooring options such as vinyl and laminates are excellent for their durability against spills, stains and scratches. Vinyl plank and wood-look laminate flooring have come a long way and can look so much like authentic hardwood floors that homeowners often can’t tell the difference until they’re told.

The baby nursery can be transformed with decorative crown mouldings, casing around windows and doorways, painted baseboards and even beadboard. In the frenzy and fun of decorating the baby nursery, an often overlooked feature that new parents realize they need after baby’s arrival is a closet system tailored to organizing tiny clothes and toys. This is where kid friendly modular closet kits are ideal. They allow parents to make changes to closet features such as rod-height and compartments as the baby grows and their storage needs change.

Home Renovation for New Arrivals

Rubbermaid Modular Closet

Style Updates

Whether you want to modernize a bungalow or add old-school charm to a modern ranch home, an easy and inexpensive route is to repaint with appropriate colours and effects (such as sponging or dry brushing) and change out or add decorative mouldings. The style of baseboard, crown, and window casing mouldings sets a major tone for the style of a room.

Simple, modern mouldings lend a clean, efficient look to a room, while elaborate dentil mouldings suggest a Victorian style. Mouldings in a large variety of styles are available so you can be certain you’ll find the right design to achieve the look you want.

Flooring also adds to a period look. Flooring now comes in so many styles and materials that you can achieve any look you desire. In most cases, changing the flooring does not require tons of time or labour. Modern pre-finished wood flooring is available in a spectrum of styles and colours, goes in quickly, and does not require the sanding and varnishing that old-school wood flooring did. Laminate wood floors don’t need to be nailed or glued down, so a whole room can be redone in a day.

Home Renovation Ideas for Making Style Updates

Bath & Kitchen

Bathroom and kitchen renovations remain near the top of the list for effectiveness in changing the look and for adding value to a home. Replacing worn or dated cabinets offers a fast and easy way to completely change the look of a room. Adding an island to a large kitchen adds style, utility, and storage.

Don’t want to change the cabinets but want a more modern look? Try painting the wooden cabinets and changing the solid wood doors to wood-framed glass, or transforming flat front cabinets with decorative trim. You can install crown mouldings to the tops of cabinets to create the height and formality of a luxury kitchen without the associated cost.

Counter tops are now available in a plethora of styles, colours, and materials. While a switch to granite can be an expensive upgrade, butcher-block countertops are a stylish option that is growing in appeal. Even if you keep your current cabinets, changing the counter tops, swapping out old hardware, and installing decorative mouldings can completely transform your kitchen while respecting your budget.

Home Renovation Ideas for Your Kitchen

If a home renovation is in your spring forecast, come visit our home finishing experts at our Victoria or Nanaimo location, or contact us to discuss your renovation plans. We’re happy to offer guidance and walk you though your DIY options too.


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