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Taking Proper Care Of Wood Doors In Your Home

Taking Proper Care of Wood Doors in Your Home

Wooden doors are a beautiful option for use as an entry door or interior doors throughout your home due to their classic appearance and durability. While they are a common choice for doors inside homes, it’s important that you consider the maintenance that is necessary in order for the wood doors to remain in great shape. While different finishes and types of wood will require slightly different care, there are some basic steps that you can take to maintain the condition of your doors so that they will continue to be a flattering feature inside of  your home.

  1. The first step to caring for your wood doors in your home is to gently remove dust and built-up grime that may have accumulated on your doors. This means using a clean feather duster or soft rag to wipe over the entire door, including the top and bottom of the frame.
  2. Once the door has been wiped away of dust and other remnants, the door can then be cleaned using a rag that has been dipped in oil soap which has been approved for use with wood. While oil soap is ideal for varnished doors, painted doors need to be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaning solution. Being careful to wipe in the direction of the wood grain of the door to ensure that you’ll receive the best results and won’t cause any damage.
  3. Buffing the door with a clean rag can help remove any residue that has been left behind from the oil. At this point, the door should look brighter and cleaner.
  4. Paying close attention to cleaning doorknobs and handles with a cloth and suitable cleaner can help improve the shine and take care of any minor scuffs.

Please contact us if you’re interested in getting new wood doors installed in your home or have any questions regarding proper maintenance.


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