Why should The Finishing Store be your moulding and trim store?

Any Size, Any Shape 

When you need mouldings and trim for your next job – whether it’s a small reno,  a new home, or a whole condo complex, we have everything you’re looking for. With over 200 profiles in stock, our selection is unmatched.

Measure Twice, Shop Once

We all know one of the best ways to avoid wasting material (and money) is to be sure of your measurements before you start cutting. But since time is money, too, the last thing you want to do is waste your time searching high and low for matching trim parts and miscellaneous pieces. That’s why we carry a great selection of all those in addition to our mouldings – things you just won’t find at a building supply store. We also save you time by offering a wide range of materials – including several species of solid wood, paint-grade finger-joint stock, and MDF.

You Dream It, We’ll Make It

And if you’re looking for something that’s proving hard to get, as a fully-equipped millwork shop it will be easy for us to make. So rather than limit your design to the basics, or turn down your client’s dream, let us bring it to life. It’s another way we save you time, and help you give your clients exactly what they want.

Our Pricing Is Competitive. Our Service Is Unbeatable.

We’re happy to quote on your next job, so please bring us your list.  Even though we are a locally owned and operated business, as a member of the TimbrMart group of 780 owner/dealers, we can give you the big box pricing advantage of having billions of dollars in group buying power.

And because many of our staff have been here for decades, when you call us it won’t be long before you’re talking to someone you know – someone who knows your business and exactly what you need.