Where to Add Mouldings to Enhance the Design of a Home

It is common for homebuyers and homeowners to boast about their beautiful hardwood floors, high ceilings, and well-designed staircases. However, many homes just do not look complete without mouldings. These simple details create a stately, refined appearance, and add an incredible amount of beauty to a home. While often taken for granted, mouldings do require some thought.

Here are some places you may want to add mouldings in your home:

Next to Floors

For an easy way to update busy rooms in your home, consider mouldings at the base of the walls next to wood or laminate floors. Mouldings at the base of walls create a finished look. It’s important to make sure the mouldings are the perfect shade to match your warm or cool decor tones. That way, they blend, seamlessly with the surrounding decor. Popular moulding paint options include white or earth tones. Consider glossy ivory or slightly warmer white tones for floor mouldings. If you’re more daring, matte dark green or grey might be interesting choices.

Around Windows

Mouldings around windows add elegance to any room. They enhance the architecture of the windows and give a room a clean, updated look. Window mouldings can also be placed on the exterior of windows for extra flair. Choose mouldings that are the right size so that they look proportional to the windows. While the mouldings shouldn’t look distracting, they also shouldn’t look too subtle. Bold mouldings can give a dramatic look to a window in a living or dining area. Narrower mouldings can look appropriate for accent windows in a bedroom or kitchen.

Around Doorways

Adding mouldings around doorways helps to create a sense of completion to a floor plan. They mark the end of one room and the beginning of another. Choose mouldings that look crisp for a well-defined look. If you have a home with elegant accents or an antique European design, consider mouldings with swirls or finely chiseled sculptural details.

On Ceilings

For high ceilings in central rooms of a home or a bedroom, mouldings can add architectural details that look expensive. Geometric square mouldings add to the traditional or vintage look of a home. This style can also work well with more contemporary interior designs. If you’re not sure about mouldings on the ceiling, try mouldings on the edges where the ceilings and walls meet. Ceilings mouldings draw the eye up and add a sense of awe to a space.

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