What’s the one front door you need to open?

Our Doors Are Always Open For You

Whether it’s a grand front entrance, or the best way to hide what’s in a messy closet, doors make a big difference to every home. We carry doors at every price point, style, and in a wide range of materials to suit any reno or new build project. And if the door of your dreams doesn’t exist, we can get it built for you. Even more, we can install and finish every door we sell. But let’s have a look inside our door…


What Makes A Door?

For centuries, every door was a solid wood door. And even today, some of the finest doors are still made that way. But as with all building materials, there has been endless innovation in materials, design and construction methods. Our most popular exterior doors are steel and fibreglass, both of which can offer five times the R-value of a wooden door. Interior doors can be made many ways now: “hollow” (plywood or hardboard over a cardboard honeycomb interior) or made of fir, or featuring moulded surface panels. We’re seeing paint-grade rail and stile interior doors made of Ultralight MDF become very popular. They offer the heft and appearance of solid wood doors, but at a much lower cost. And if you prefer a solid door with a stain-grade finish, we carry Island-made doors that use the finest Island-grown fir, hemlock, cedar and alder.


There’s More to Doors than Ever Before

With the adoption of the NAFS (North American Fenestration Standard) in BC in 2013, the technical requirements for doors (and windows and skylights) reached a whole new level. NAFS certification is now mandatory for all new construction and renovations which require a permit. The good news is that the quality, durability and performance of exterior doors have never been higher. The standard sets specifications for preventing water penetration, air infiltration and exfiltration, ease of operation, and resistance to forced opening. In order to make sure the manufactured product meets all these standards once they are in place, they need to be installed properly. Our installation services will make sure it’s done right.


Where Are Doors Heading?

The standard large entry door used to be 36” x 80,” but we have seen this move towards 42” x 84” and even 48” x 96” in some cases. Doors need to be proportionate to the exterior and to the space they reveal, but the general trend is towards bigger and more impressive doors. This additional size affects the hardware choices, too: larger doors demand durable and quiet ball-bearing hinges to carry the greater load. And to make sure the larger opening still has an airtight seal on a well-insulated home, doors now feature sophisticated weather stripping and multi-point locking hardware.


Our Door is The Only Door You Really Need

Our 30+ years’ experience in interior moulding trim, custom millwork and flooring gives us a real advantage as your door supplier. For one thing, we’re a one-stop shop: we carry all the accompanying casework, moulding, and trim you might need for any door, in any style. And as a full-service millwork shop, we can customize jambs to any unusual or non-stock dimension or material. We also offer installation services, and can arrange to have the doors we install painted on-site, too. If your project has doors, all you need to do is knock on our door – or just call us – and we can take care of everything for you.