What to Consider When Choosing Interior Doors

Interior doors are an important feature in any home. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have an opportunity to consider the style or material of their interior door as the homes they buy already have them installed. If you are considering building a home or think it is time to replace an interior door, here are some considerations.

Styles of Interior Doors

Panel Doors

This is the most common style for residences. You can choose from rectangular or square designs, ranging from a one large panel to as many as eight or more small panels. Glass inserts are a great option to give the door a slightly different look. Some of the most commonly chosen styles are the ones with three or five panels.

French Doors

These dramatic looking doors are usually used in rooms that are more on display, such as living rooms or music rooms.

Bi-Fold Doors

This style is commonly used in laundry rooms and bedroom closets as well as in kitchen pantries. The bi-fold door works well in restricted spaces.

Sliding Doors

These interior doors, which are not as common, consist of at least two hung doors that are track-mounted. Because they don’t swing, they make good choices for limited floor space.

Door Material Choices

When deciding on a particular door material, consider your budget and personal taste. Some of the more common door materials are:

Solid Wood

This material feels the heaviest and is great to look at. The solid wood door’s exceptional sturdiness protects it from chipping or cracking. Solid wood doors offer ideal insulation and a natural sound barrier.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

This type of material is weaker than solid wood but is becoming increasingly popular. Although many MDF doors have a paneled appearance, they also look modern and come in various styles. The advantage of this material is that it is more durable and not as prone to denting.

Hollow Core Interior Doors

This is commonly chosen for new homes. These doors have good longevity, lasting for decades if you take good care of them. On the other hand, they can become punctured or dented when struck harshly.

Stamped Hardboard Interior Doors

This type is made from softer materials however a hard-baked paint covers it. Don’t let stamped hardboard doors get wet for a long time period as this can cause them to swell.

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