Rethinking the Fireplace Mantel Design

The living quarters in today’s modern home is starting to enjoy the nostalgia of the past. More are staying in for entertainment or finding a comfortable setting to spend time with their electronic devices. Nothing is more inviting than a comfortable chair or couch with a fire burning at the side to keep the toes warm. Rethinking the fireplace mantel can once again keep the home warm, interesting and inviting.

The mantel provides a useable shelf for display and as the television set, which was once a large item, is now thin and mounted on an opposing wall, there is more space to increase the mantel shelf and the presence of the fireplace.

The standard mantel shelf or cap extends 8″ from the wall, but few realize that this can be easily customized up to 2 feet in width. This knowledge is a powerful design tool because it not only increases functionality but it creates the ability to expand or raise the hearth area with brick or stone tile adding dimensionality and personalization.

Designing with a deeper mantel in mind opens the possibility for larger pieces such as pottery, vases and unique clocks and antiques which often require a better footing. Gone are the days where one tries to squeeze a few pictures or bottles, that always seem to be precariously set, on a narrow mantel.

The designs with straight lines such as the Western Living, Hollywood or Prescott mantels fit well with modern decor of straight metal railings and sleek furniture. The heavier Cambridge mantel sets the stage for thick leather couches and flourishing drapes.

Whether you are planning a gas or wood fireplace, the trend is to take advantage of the room’s space and add your personal touch.  At the end of the day, memories are created around a warm fire and inviting mantel.

The Finishing Store specializes in hand-crafted mantels from oak, maple, cherry or paint grade. A complete line of high quality Regal Mantels are also available. Visit a store in either Nanaimo or Victoria for assistance with your selection from The Finishing Stores sales associates today or contact us.