Ornamental Mouldings Add Beauty to Any Home

A home trimmed with beautiful mouldings gives an impression of timeless elegance and taste. Ornamental moulding has been used for many centuries to highlight finer homes. Moulding adds stature and style to an otherwise ordinary room, and completes the look of a room designed to impress. Finishing your home with high quality moulding is a relatively inexpensive investment that you and your guests will enjoy for as long as you live in your home. Here are some of the most commonly used types of ornamental moulding:

Crown Moulding – This is an excellent way to accentuate your home’s architectural style. It is applied where the walls meet the ceiling, making the room look more elegant. This type of home decoration dates back to Roman times, when they were used to add grandeur to their buildings. In later years they gained popularity when craftsmen mastered the art of shaping wood into delicate looking masterpieces. Crown moulding helps to complete the look of home design, and to increase visual appeal.

Baseboard Moulding – These are used where the base of the wall meets the floor to cover gaps and finish the look along the bottom of the sheetrock, paneling, or other wall material.

Door and Window Casing – This seals and conceals gaps between door and window frames and the surrounding walls, while defining the space inside the room. Casings can be plain or ornamental depending on your motif.

Chair Rails – These are installed horizontally around 24 to 48 inches above the floor. They were originally designed to protect walls from chairs around the perimeters of rooms, but now they are mostly decorative.

Base Shoe Moulding – This is a quarter-round strip often placed along the baseboard to conceal gaps left by uneven flooring. Shoe moulding can also be very helpful for other trimming needs.

Dentil Moulding – These are a series of closely spaced square blocks installed horizontally below crown moulding. They are often seen in more formal, traditional homes to add detail and hide shadows under the crown moulding.

These and more types of moulding are available to add beauty and complete the look of your décor. All of the different types of mouldings used in a room should be chosen to work in harmony with one another to complete the design scheme of the entire room. For more information about using ornamental moulding in your home contact us.