Leather Flooring: Reasons Why it’s a “Must Have” for Many Homeowners

One of the hottest trends in home finishing today is leather flooring, and rightfully so. There are a multitude of things that make leather flooring a “must have” for many homeowners. So today, we wanted to rundown some of the most popular reasons that people give for making the switch:

1.) Indoor Air Quality

One of the main reasons why people have been switching to leather flooring has to do with indoor air quality. Unlike other forms of flooring, leather does not contain formaldehyde or materials that emit volatile organic compounds.

2.) Eco-Friendly

On top of that, leather flooring is extremely eco-friendly too. Take TORLYS Leather flooring as an example. It is manufactured completely out of recycled materials and it utilizes an Uniclic joint system. The joint system is a proprietary design that enables homeowners to re-use the same flooring several times over. Now you don’t get much more eco-friendly than that!

3.) Easy to Care For

In addition, leather flooring generally comes with a long warranty period and is surprisingly easy to care for. So much so, that DIY enthusiasts can often handle 99.9% of all repairs and cleaning tasks on their own. Speaking of cleaning tasks, all that’s typically needed to keep the floors in tip-top shape is a broom, dust mop and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

4.) Versatile

Homeowners also love leather flooring’s versatility. In most instances, it’s sold in the form of tiles or planks. The tiles and planks come in a range of styles and colours. And because the tiles and planks are reusable, homeowners may typically install them anywhere that their hearts desire.

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