How to Use These Moulding Tips to Modernize Your Home

Moulding can serve as a dynamic decorating tool capable of transforming a simple box-shaped room into a showcase. By adding visual interest and distinctive architectural detail to a room, moulding can unify its overall look and add depth and height to the trim, giving the room a polished, modern look. Here are a few moulding tips to modernize your home:


Baseboard mouldings give the visual effect of an underline between the floors and walls. They can be used to carry an accent colour throughout a home, or can be painted to match the walls to unify a single colour palette.

A modern look can be created using baseboards that are very wide. The larger size gives the illusion of increasing the proportional height in a room, imparting a sleek, sophisticated look.


Wall openings without doors often appear in houses that, for instance, lead from a living room to a dining room. By adding casing around the opening, the space is clearly defined, and is imparted with depth in a way that adds visual appeal. Casings suggest separation between the two rooms while maintaining a modern flow.

Crown Moulding

When placed at the junction between the upper wall and ceiling, cove moulding can make a dramatic, yet simple affect that provides a bold, unified look for an entire room. Cove moulding can magnify the proportions of a room in a bold way that does not draw attention to itself.

Monochromatic Moulding

Using monochromatic moulding provides more pronounced shadow lines and leaves a simple profile that lends itself to a more modern look. Keeping the moulding the same colour makes a room look larger. Placing it at both the ceiling and floor provides a room with an elongated, more dramatic approach.

Alternative Uses for Moulding

Moulding can be used in places other than the ceiling or along baseboards. It can also be used to highlight a feature, such as a fireplace, by placing it along the edges. Thicker pieces can also act as a mantle or extra shelving.

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