Green Flow Cork available at

Now available at The Finishing Store, Green Flow Series, natural cork flooring. This product is 100% natural cork, no HDF core. It is 100% recycled cork and we do not cut down trees. Green flow has a negative carbon footprint. Some of the cork products are constructed with cork veneer, laminated to a base platform of traditional cork core. The manufacturing of these cork cores also uses leftover material from cork wine stoppers, that could otherwise go to waste.

The cork bark for the veneer is cut in different angles and directions. The material is then glued together to form a block. Since the veneer is cut from a block, different visuals are created which include a variety of surface textures similar to wood. Every tile and plank is unique. This product will not warp or buckle, even if submerged in water based on tests according the EN. The unique structure of cork makes our floors particularly quiet.

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