Creative Mouldings that Shape a Room

The style has been chosen, the colours matched to perfection, and the window treatments installed. But, as you look at the finished template, you can’t help but feel that something is lacking. Add a surround of creative mouldings and notice what a fresh new appearance takes place.

Mouldings are not just used as trim around ceilings and doorways, but can be used to exaggerate ceilings and walls. Depending on the particular style, the ability to accent with flawless custom wood pieces can introduce a prestigious gracefulness or a cozy, inviting feeling. Fir, oak and maple mouldings are known for rejuvenating a space with natural warmness while sustainable sleek Polyurethane provides flexibility for a more modern or traditional look.

Custom Designs

Not all rooms are negotiable to straight, even lines. In fact, when designing an older home or loft in a once-commercial building, precision in design is often needed for a proportionate appearance. Certain styles, such as French decor, call for curves and medallions that accentuate a romantic, peaceful feeling. On the other hand, bold door mantels and caps can help to bring an invigorating presence to boring walls and doorways. Uneven walls do not have to limit the use of mouldings when you work with a company that has spent decades in custom designs.  Custom pieces, cut to precision, can eliminate unsightly imperfections.

Consider the ceilings of a sparsely decorated, open living area. By placing a geometric design of mouldings throughout a bare ceiling, a modern, sophisticated work of art will emerge. The right professional hand can create a stunning display that not only pulls a room together, but can change the entire atmosphere of the area.

Before settling for a room that seems to lack the uniqueness and aesthetic feel that you really want, contact us for innovative ideas that will shape up your rooms with professional design.