Adding Closet Space to a Small Bedroom

It seems mandatory for all bedrooms to have a closet, however, limited space is the reason why many don’t. How do you get storage space when some rooms barely have enough space for a bed and a dresser?

Today’s closets come with many choices such as installing in the wall to purchasing separate closet organizers. If a professional determines there’s enough space inside the wall to carve a closet, try that option. A closet professional can add a rod, a shelf and other storage solutions to make the closet look amazing. A less expensive option is to use pre-built closet organizers to fit the size of the hole. Just slide it in and let the professional handle the edges. As for the door, choose a sliding door or bi-fold doors as a space-saving option. For another option to save space, design a storage unit around the bed. .

When you’re thinking about your closet space, get creative.

Freestanding closets are already built and contain shelving and rods. Mix and match many types of closets to create the one you’re looking for. Simply screw the closet on the wall or place it in front of the wall. You can add two tall and narrow freestanding closets on both sides of the bed instead of two lampposts.

Open closets are closets with no doors. Similar to garage mudrooms and sports locker rooms, these closets have space to hang items, a space to sit and a space for shoes.

Other storage containers such as armoires and ottomans are great examples of alternative storage and some can even slide right under the bed. There are also beds you can buy that come with shelving built in.

There are many options to the standard closets to store your clothing. If you’re not sure where to start, have a professional work with you to discover what can work for you and your space. Contact us for more information.