7 Trendy Floor Ideas to Beautify Every Room in Your House

One of the biggest design statements in any room is the floor. That’s a lot of pressure! With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide what type of flooring will be best for your home, your tastes and your lifestyle. Take out some of the guesswork with our expert tips for using these trendy floors to beautify every room in your house.

North American Hardwood

With the increasing demand for sustainable products, North American hardwoods have become a more and more common choice. Unlike cork or bamboo, North American hardwood does not require an overseas shipment which drastically reduces its environmental footprint. Due to the physical properties of these species, such as the oaks, hard maple, ash, walnut and hickory, they are an ideal choice for almost any space in your home and especially in low-moisture areas including the dining room, living room or bedroom.

Preverco’s Yellow Birch Hardwood


Plush carpet may provide a cloud-like sensation for your feet but cork’s clean finish, ease of maintenance and walking comfort give it the upper hand over carpet. It also boasts sound and heat insulating qualities making it a functional choice for basements, jam studios, movie rooms, and rental suites. Another advantage over carpet is cork’s ability to repel dust, hair, dander, and other particles that often get caught in the fibres of a carpet. This makes cork a great choice if anyone in your family is prone to allergies. On top of all that, cork is a 100% renewable, recyclable and natural resource. Cork trees are never cut down; instead their bark is harvested carefully and under strict environmental regulation. With a wide range of colours available on the market compared to even 10 years ago, such as TORLYS’ Florence line of Smart Cork, there are plenty of creative and unique ways to utilize this material in your house.

TORLYS’ Florence Elite Smart Cork in Burl Natural

Wood-look Laminate

Budget-friendly wood-look laminate flooring holds its place amongst the top flooring trends year after year because of its low maintenance and durability. And today’s wood-look laminate flooring looks so much like real hardwood flooring that people often can’t tell the difference unless they’re told. Wood-look laminate flooring is an excellent option for pet owners, busy family homes and any other spaces that experience high-traffic and lots of wear and tear. Furthermore, its resistance to moisture makes it a suitable choice for kitchens, bathrooms, foyers and mudrooms where hardwood would be susceptible to water damage.

TORLYS’ Smart Laminate Colossia Collection in Denali Oak

Luxury Vinyl

It’s time to ditch the old school memories of vinyl. A modern luxury vinyl floor is nothing like the old peel and stick vinyl tiles or those tacky vinyl floors of the ’70s. Luxury vinyl is a new, incredibly realistic looking product that is made to mimic the look and feel of natural surfaces like stone, wood plank, or tile, but with the high durability of vinyl. And because it’s virtually immune to spills and is water-friendly, it’s the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, mud rooms, and laundry rooms.

TORLYS’ EverTile Premier line in Cliff Island

Engineered Wood Floors

You will be hard pressed to tell the difference between a solid hardwood floor and an engineered one. Engineered wood floors are constructed of a core layer, made from hardwood or plywood, and a top layer composed of real wood veneers. This means that engineered wood has the same natural look and feel of solid hardwood but increased strength and stability. It isn’t affected by humidity as much as solid hardwood so it can tolerate moisture without warping or cupping. Thicker planks (4mm-7mm thick) can even be sanded and refinished, just like their hardwood cousins. Engineered hardwood’s durability makes it a great choice for basements, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms with light moisture.

Hakwood’s Authentic Collection in Heritage

Leather Floors

Leather…on the floor? That’s right; soft, luxurious leather on your living room, bedroom, or home office floor is not only gorgeous, it’s availability in planks or tiles makes it a versatile choice. Leather floors create a unique, sophisticated and luxurious experience in any space which you would never know is made from 100% recycled leather. Don’t be fooled by its supple touch; this flooring choice is durable and low maintenance making it a functional and aesthetically-pleasing option.

TORLYS’ Designer Leather Tile Collection in Novara Black

To get advice on choosing the best floor for your space or to get more information on any of these flooring options, contact our experts at The Finishing Store & Millworks or visit our Victoria or Nanaimo locations. With over 60 years’ experience in the home finishing industry, our team has extensive, unparalleled expertise to help you bring your dream space to life with tons of great product lines including all of the Preverco, TORLYS and Hakwood products featured above.