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Amazing Trends With Stairs 

Amazing Trends With Stairs 

In your new home construction or remodel project, don’t forget about the staircase. It’s true that, quite often, stairs are taken for granted as simply a necessary means of getting from point A to point B. Why waste an opportunity for creativity? A stairway can become a gorgeous focal element in a design scheme. Stairways are an opportunity to create a unique space for storage or a clever means of personal expression. Here are some ideas to elevate your stairs to the next design level:


Go modern with a glass element barrier wall that creates free-flowing visual appeal. For tiny homes or contemporary minimalist decor, this idea is a win on all fronts.

Modern Stairs With Glass Element Barrier Wall


Stairwells provide an abundance of space. Whether you utilize the space between risers or the entire space under the stairs, don’t waste it. These are perfect opportunities to display the contents of your library with a little reading nook, or create tuck-away storage for linens, coats, and shoes. Perhaps children would appreciate a secret hideout or the family pet could have a cozy space to escape when there’s company. The possibilities are endless and can be customized to your space and storage requirements.

Create storage under your stairs


Who says you have to follow the rules? Balustrades don’t have to look like balustrades. Pay attention to details that will define your stairwell as not just a corridor of traffic, but an integral part of your entire home’s decor agenda. Do you have a beachfront cottage? Then opt for a nautical tie-down balustrade instead. Is the style of your home more French provincial or traditional? Consider staircase details that reflect the overall style of your home. Decorative moulding and traditional balustrades results in a staircase that perfectly suits the era of this home.

Stairs are given a traditional look

Classic Metals

Although stainless steel and chrome may be the element of modernism, custom wrought iron paired with dark wooden treads creates a classic look of elegance.

Stairs with custom wrought iron


The trend for eco-friendly materials is going strong. Sustainably sourced renewables, such as bamboo, are just as popular as upcycled materials. And going green might even mean going raw with respect to wood in order to achieve a chemical-free project, or opting for 0% VOC and solvent-free stains, finishes and varnishes.

Eco Friendly Minimalist Stairs by The Finishing Store


Despite how many people like to poke fun at Ikea, the reality is that minimalism, Ikea’s stock in trade, has strong appeal, especially among urban dwellers. Nothing defines a space as an urban loft like a minimalist stairwell of metal elements with an appearance of contemporary art rather than traditional architecture.

Stairs with a modern, minimalist style pair well with this urban loft


Have a spiral staircase take center stage with dramatic flair. Not only is the architectural line eye-catching, you can also play with colour and structural elements to create a perfect marriage of function and art. And because it requires less space than traditional stairs, a spiral staircase may be the best option for a smaller space.

Need stairs for a small room? Consider a modern spiral staircase.

Contrasting Elements

Pair contrasting elements together. This aesthetic effect is just as powerful as painting with contrasting colours. The modern element of glass partnered with the classic component of wood stairs creates a stunning visual. This allows for a contemporary staircase design to flow seamlessly from a traditional hardwood floor. This staircase we installed combines a stainless-steel handrail and glass barrier wall with wire-brushed oak treads to perfectly match this home’s beautiful oak wood floors.

Modern wood stairs with a glass barrier wall and stainless steel handrail


We’ve all heard of fusion bars. Now fusion meets staircase design. You no longer have to be committed to only one element. Even a single component, such as a baluster, does not have to be one or the other. Take for instance a flowing stair balustrade comprised of balusters that are a fusion of metal and wood. It is as beautiful as it is ingenious. The combinations are limitless: glass, timber, metal, plastic, resin… Here’s a fusion staircase we installed which combines the home’s natural elements with a modern contrast of stainless steel and glass. The result is very West Coast modern.

Stairs that reflect a fusion between rustic nature and modern industrial


With bespoke it is all about concept. No rules apply. A bespoke staircase may be the priciest trend, but it is certainly the most provocative. Express yourself to the fullest with a staircase that is the embodiment of your personality and eclectic style, like this curved rail staircase we installed for our clients to reflect the unique flow and ambiance of their artistic-contemporary home.

Bespoke stairs that reflect your eclectic style

For more information on the latest trends in staircase design, please contact usThe Finishing Store has a wide array of staircase elements and components. Our design professionals can help guide you through an exquisite selection to find what suits your own design scheme, and even install your new staircase for you.


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