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When you’re choosing a floating floor for your home the quality and integrity of the joint system is an important consideration. TORLYS specializes in 100% Uniclic floors. All our floors — Cork, Hardwood, Linoleum and Laminate — are premium floating floors that feature the integrity of the Uniclic joint. The Uniclic joint system is a special tongue-and-groove joint patented by Unilin Decor of Belgium.

Ultra-Tight Joints

The key to the Uniclic joint is the constant pressure that the lower lip exerts on the tongue at a 45-degree angle, keeping tiles or planks in place. This enables Uniclic floors to “float” over existing floors or subfloors without glue or nails to hold them in place. It takes more than 450 kg (1,000 lbs.) of pressure per linear metre to pull apart two Uniclic planks or tiles!

The Uniclic joint is precision-milled to tolerances of 1/1000 inch. Ultra-tight Uniclic means no gappin and no “lipping”. Lipping can occur on other floors when tiles are joined together. Open joints can result over time with joint systems where fitting of the two pieces is not sufficiently tight and/or when pieces are not held against each other with continuous pressure.

Reliable and Easy to Install

Uniclic floors are installed by angling tiles/planks and “clicking” the joint together. Floors can be relocated three times under full warranty by simply unclicking and reclicking the tiles/planks together.


We want you to know that you are getting the best everyday low price and we now guarantee it! If you happen to find a lower everyday price on an identical name brand stock item at any local competitor, we will match that price and beat it by an additional 10%.


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