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All The Top Flooring Trends For 2017 Room By Room

All the Top Flooring Trends for 2017 Room by Room

Are you building a new home this year, or planning an addition or a renovation? One of the biggest design statements in any room is the floor. So before you start shopping, take a look at what designers are touting as the top flooring trends for 2017:

Eco-Friendly Options 

Health and sustainability are growing trends affecting everything from flooring, lighting, paint and appliances. And the market has responded by offering eco-conscious homeowners plenty of options from reclaimed wood, engineered hardwood and hypoallergenic cork, to non-toxic glues and finishes. If eco-friendly choices are top-of-mind for you, consider these options, and also look for flooring made by providers that use manufacturing processes that are mindful to the environment, using managed forests, vinyl (formaldehyde-free) glues, and reclaimed materials. Good examples include flooring products by Hakwood, Preverco, and TORLYS.

American Hardwood 

Because more and more people are mindful of sustainability, there’s been a movement toward North American hardwoods like oak, maple and hickory. Unlike cork and bamboo, they don’t have to be shipped overseas, and the U.S. is pretty good about replenishing forests as they deplete them. Use it in the dining room, living room or bedroom, and adorn it with a beautiful area rug.


Nothing beats cork flooring for walking comfort, except maybe a plush carpet, but cork’s clean finish, easy care, and mid-century appeal gives it the upper hand and places it amongst the top flooring trends for 2017. Today’s cork comes in a wide range of colours, and is stronger than the cork of even 10 years ago. It shouldn’t be installed in a bathroom, however, since it is susceptible to moisture damage. It’s got great sound insulating properties too, which should make it perfect for your teen’s room (and his loud stereo!). And if anyone in your home  is prone to allergies, TORLYS makes hypoallergenic cork flooring.

Wood-look Laminate 

Budget friendly wood-look laminate flooring holds its place amongst the top flooring trends for 2017 because of its low maintenance and durability. And today’s wood-look laminate flooring looks so much like real hardwood flooring, that people often can’t tell the difference unless they’re told. Wood-look laminate flooring is an excellent option for pet owners, busy family homes and any high-traffic areas including rental suites. Furthermore, its resistance to moisture makes it a suitable choice for kitchens, bathrooms, foyers and mudrooms where cork and hardwood would be susceptible to water damage.

Luxury Vinyl 

Don’t be fooled by the word “vinyl”, and think that a luxury vinyl floor is anything like the old peel and stick vinyl tiles or those tacky vinyl floors of the ’70s. Luxury vinyl is actually a new product that is made to mimic natural surfaces like stone, wood plank, or tile, but with the durability of vinyl. It’s incredibly realistic looking, and because it’s virtually impervious to spills and is water-friendly, it’s a natural for kitchens, bathrooms, mud rooms, and laundry rooms.

Cut & Loop Carpet 

People are moving away from shag-like and frieze carpets and are buying patterned carpet in droves. Patterns range from subtle to bold, and new technology is producing carpet with extremely soft fibers. Carpeting is the ideal “feel good” choice for bedrooms, guest rooms, and living rooms since these rooms don’t get as much heavy traffic as other rooms in the home.

Engineered Wood Floors 

You literally can’t tell the difference between an installed solid hardwood floor and an engineered one. Engineered wood floors are made up of a core of hardwood or plywood and a top layer composed of hardwood veneers. The better ones (4mm-7mm thick) can even be sanded and refinished, just like their hardwood cousins. Engineered wood floors are susceptible to moisture damage, and should be treated as you would a hardwood floors. They’re best in the kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom.

Leather Floors 

Leather, you say? That’s right, soft luxurious leather on your living room, bedroom, or home office floor is not only gorgeous, it’s also versatile since it’s available in plank or tile form. Leather floors will pair perfectly with the growing tribal-chic trend emerging in home furnishings and textiles. And you can feel great about using it since it’s 100% recycled. They’re also surprisingly resilient and durable!

With all these top flooring trends for 2017 in mind, first and foremost, it’s always best to ensure you are choosing flooring that best suits the overall style of your home and your family’s lifestyle.

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