The Top Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Preverco Hardwood Floor

There are many benefits that come with the installation of hardwood flooring that you may want to consider taking advantage of.

Tops Benefits:

  • Increase Value of Home: Hardwood flooring is one of the more expensive options of flooring that is available on the market. This is because hardwood is the most durable and all natural. Since the flooring is made from wood and creates a natural appearance, it will never go out of style, thus creating that increase in the value of your home you will like to see.
  • Repairs vs. Replacement: If any scratches or dents are made in the hardwood flooring of your home you can easily have that section of the flooring repaired instead of having to replace the flooring altogether.
  • Style: Hardwood flooring provides any home with a beautiful style that is warm in appearance. The natural wood gives off a feeling of comfort and warmth that works well in any home.
  • Long Life-Span: Hardwood flooring can last for up to 100 years! You definitely do not have to worry about replacement for this reason. So long as you care for the wood with special cleaners designed for it, you should not run into problems.
  • Environmental Benefits: Producing hardwood flooring takes much less energy than other flooring options available. On top of this, because of the lack of chemicals found in the flooring, no gas is emitted into the air keeping the air quality in your home high.

Keep in mind that you can also choose between solid and engineered flooring. Both provide the same benefits above. One of the only differences is solid wood cannot be installed over concrete and over in floor heating and will expand and contract more with changes in humidity.  Your budget and your own needs in your home will determine which flooring type is best.

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Leather Flooring: Reasons Why it’s a “Must Have” for Many Homeowners

Torlys Leather FlooringOne of the hottest trends in home finishing today is leather flooring, and rightfully so. There are a multitude of things that make leather flooring a “must have” for many homeowners. So today, we wanted to rundown some of the most popular reasons that people give for making the switch:

1.) Indoor Air Quality

One of the main reasons why people have been switching to leather flooring has to do with indoor air quality. Unlike other forms of flooring, leather does not contain formaldehyde or materials that emit volatile organic compounds.

2.) Eco-Friendly

On top of that, leather flooring is extremely eco-friendly too. Take TORLYS Leather flooring as an example. It is manufactured completely out of recycled materials and it utilizes an Uniclic joint system. The joint system is a proprietary design that enables homeowners to re-use the same flooring several times over. Now you don’t get much more eco-friendly than that!

3.) Easy to Care For

In addition, leather flooring generally comes with a long warranty period and is surprisingly easy to care for. So much so, that DIY enthusiasts can often handle 99.9% of all repairs and cleaning tasks on their own. Speaking of cleaning tasks, all that’s typically needed to keep the floors in tip-top shape is a broom, dust mop and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

4.) Versatile

Homeowners also love leather flooring’s versatility. In most instances, it’s sold in the form of tiles or planks. The tiles and planks come in a range of styles and colours. And because the tiles and planks are reusable, homeowners may typically install them anywhere that their hearts desire.

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Mouldings & Decorative Millwork Can Make an Italian Kitchen Pop

Is a kitchen remodel with a distinctive, Italian theme in your future? If so, don’t forget about mouldings and decorative millwork. They can really make Italian themed kitchens pop. This is especially the case if they are expertly designed, durable and well placed. Thankfully, there are many fine mouldings and decorative millwork available through The Finishing Store.

If you want to go with a Tuscan vineyard feel, Ornamental Mouldings’ line of products is sure to please. They have a great assortment of grape motif moulding that comes with your choice of resin, cherry, oak or maple materials. It is designed to accent kitchen cabinetry and the firm makes grape motif hardware to match. You could also pair it with the company’s wooden stove hoods and chimneys as part of an inlay design. Other design elements to consider adding to a Tuscan kitchen are leather flooring by TORLYS or hardwood flooring by Preverco.

Would you prefer an Italian Renaissance theme instead? Then Chemcrest Inc.’s dentil blocks are definitely worth considering. They come in a wide range of heights, widths and pitches. The company also manufactures dentil moulding, ceiling medallions, ceiling domes, ceiling tiles and fluted columns of the utmost quality too. Thus, you could add Renaissance flair all throughout the room.

Think about placing the dentils and columns around or near doorways. In our experience, they can really transform entrance ways into dramatic spaces. The ceiling components would look exceptionally stunning paired with antique, pendant lighting and wall scones. And if you have a fireplace in your kitchen, consider adding a decorative mantel cap and mantel as well.

To learn more about mouldings, decorative millwork and other design elements that would be perfect for an Italian themed kitchen, please contact us. We’d be happy to help you bring your vision of the perfect culinary work space to life.

Comparing Your Options for Closets to Keep Your Home Organized

closet organizer

If you’re intrigued by adding a new closet to a bedroom or in a hallway for additional storage space, it’s recommended that you consider the size that works best and the kind of door that will be used. From sliding door closets to swinging doors that work best for hallways with extra space, it’s important for you to take some time to browse through your choices for closets so that you can make your home uncluttered and have a proper space for everything without any issues.

Choosing the Size of the Closet for Your Home 

In order for your closet to be an ideal fit for your home, it’s recommended that you consider where the closet will be installed and the amount of storage space that you’ll need inside. From closets that are quite large and capable of fitting a lot of items inside throughout the year to compact closets for hanging coats and other items, it’s best for you to consider the sizes available so that your new closet is installed and able to meet the expectations that you have.

Proper Organization for Your Closet 

Closet organizers can help ensure that all of your clothing or other items will have a proper space inside of the  closet. In order for you to be confident that your closet looks great and is capable of fitting all of your items inside properly, it’s recommended that you look into the amount of shelving that you’ll need and what you generally use the closet for. From having plenty of space for shoes and small accessories to curtain rods that work best for hanging clothing, you need to look into the options for organizers so that your closet is able to add the most value to your home.

With so many variations in closet designs and the sizes that you can expect, it’s best for you to contact us so we can give you some friendly advice and ensure that your new closet is capable of fulfilling the needs that you have.