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Tips To Keep Your Bamboo Flooring Looking Great

Tips To Keep Your Bamboo Flooring Looking Great

Bamboo flooring can look beautiful in any home, but they require special care in order for them to last as long as traditional hardwood floors. The following tips will help make a big difference in how your bamboo flooring presents itself over the years.

Avoid Wearing Shoes Indoors

One of the biggest causes of damage to all kinds of flooring is wearing shoes indoors. Not only can your shoes track mud and dirt inside, there may also be grit that’s been trapped in the tread of your shoes. This can cause scratches to bamboo flooring that can be difficult to remove. By taking off your shoes when coming indoors, along with providing a shoe rack near entries, you’ll be able to prevent this from becoming an issue.

Take Care of High-Traffic Rooms

Entryways and gathering spaces, such as the living room and kitchen, are especially vulnerable to damage due to how much traffic they receive. For a little extra protection, consider laying down a durable rug that can keep the wear off the floors.

Address Any Spills or Wear Right Away

A common mistake that many people do is forgetting to mop up any spills as soon as they occur. Bamboo can be very absorbent, making moisture a major red flag for these floors. Using a soft cloth to wipe up the floors and dusting gently on a regular basis can help keep the floors in good condition as well.

If you’re interested in getting bamboo flooring installed in your home or you need some advice on caring for your floors, Please contact us or call 1.800.665.1560. We’d love to hear from you.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Guidelines

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Guidelines

Hardwood floors are known for their durability and beauty. But to keep them looking fresh, you need to refinish them, so they still look new. If you’re considering doing your own hardwood floor refinishing, here are some basic guidelines.

Scuff Sanding

Check to see if the scratches extend through the entire your wood. If they don’t, you can probably scuff-sand them rather than sanding them down to the bare wood. Besides being easier, it also is faster and cheaper as it only takes a few hours.

To do this, use a buffer and a vacuum for sucking up dust. Next, apply a finish. Although oil-based ones are less expensive, they can take as long as eight hours for them to dry. You’ll need to apply a fresh coat about every other year or whenever needed.

Sanding Floors Down to the Bare Wood

After sealing off doorways so that dust doesn’t enter other rooms, apply filler to all the holes and cracks in your floor.

Next, stain your floor. Even if you want your floor to remain natural, you’ll steel need to have a particular tone or colour to stain the floor. Typically, several staining applications are needed, in addition to sanding between the coats.

Finish coating your floor, using at least three coats. Be sure that each coat dries before applying the next coat. You can use either water-based or polyurethane finishes. Use polyurethane finishes for high-traffic floors and kitchens. Although finishes that are water-based and are more environmentally friendly and don’t smell like chemicals, they usually aren’t as durable as polyurethane ones.

Considerations and Warnings

  • When hiring a professional refinishing service, only use those companies that provide dustless sanding. This means that they use a vacuuming machine designed to remove dust.
  • If you use a sealer, it’s critical that you apply it evenly. Skipped areas can be easily visible, even after you’ve stained the area.
  • Older floor installed more than 40 years ago, generally have a  wax, shellac or varnish finish. Therefore, new finishes won’t stick to a finish that has never had any wax applied to it. Although polyurethane may stick an older, unwaxed shellac or varnish finish, they can easily wear out. That’s why it’s better to sand down them and then start completely over.

Doing your own hardwood floor refinishing may save you money, but it can also be risky. Consider that even the slightest mistakes can be unforgiving and hard to hide. We’re a family run and owned flooring business with more than six decades of experience in home refinishing. Please contact us or call 1.800.665.1560 for all your refinishing projects.