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Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Include Ease of Repair or Refinishing

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Include Ease of Repair or Refinishing

There are so many benefits of hardwood flooring in your home. The most popular reasons to select hardwood floors are the warmth (both the look and the insulation they provide), sound deadening between floors, and durability. Engineered wood flooring is particularly resistant to scratches and dings, however if you select genuine hardwood flooring it can easily be repaired should it become scratched, worn, or dinged. And, depending on the species of wood, hardwood can also be updated if you change the decor in the room.

If you find yourself in a position of needing hardwood floor repair, your floor will generally require a first step of sanding the entire floor and then a second step of refinishing it. Be careful to ensure your floor is not made of high-durability polyurethane, as “freshening” a finish, with this modern flooring, is not feasible like it was when varnishing floors was common – but polyurethane is far more durable than old-fashioned varnish. Unlike repair, refinishing means completely removing the old and applying a new, fresh coat. But with the new dustless floor sanding equipment in the hands of a trained professional like those at The Finishing Store, you do not need to worry about your whole house being covered in wood dust. The professionals at The Finishing Store can also provide advice on finishes that have low odour so that you are not bothered by smells during the refinishing process.

Repairing a scratch or ding is much like repairing the same damage in a piece of fine furniture. It is an art, but achievable through hand sanding in the localized area and then restoring the matching stain and finish. Done with proper tips and guidance from the professionals at The Finishing Store, your efforts can result in a nearly invisible repair.  Keep in mind however that updating your colour depends on the species of wood and current stain colour. For obvious reasons, going to a darker colour is fairly simple. Going lighter can be difficult in porous woods like oak, but is possible in tight grained woods like cherry and maple.

If you realize that it’s time to repair or refinish your hardwood floors or if you are simply contemplating a change in your flooring, contact the professionals at The Finishing Store. With stores in both Victoria and Nanaimo to serve you, you will find easy access to samples, equipment and great advice. Pop by and get all your questions answered so you can repair or refinish your hardwood flooring project like and expert! 


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